• What kind of work
    fits your personality?

  • Where do you see yourself
    in the future?

  • How do you fit into
    the team?

What makes the Octogram unique is that we are describing psychological traits in the language and terminology of the workplace. No translation or deep training necessary, because you will be able to recognize and apply this information directly!

This test gives you insight into your natural work and leadership style and is used for:

  • Career Coaching
  • Selection / Hiring
  • Team Building
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Succession Planning

This information is essential for you as you plan for and move through your career.

Octogram Test

Focused on the workplace
Based on the Competing Values Framework, also known as the 'Quinn Model', originally used to identify high-performance organizations. The Octogram is based on how people work (and prefer to work) in real life. This means you can understand and start applying these results immediately.
The results you receive are based on data collected from 126,713 respondents with extensive cross-validation with other psychometric instruments.
There is a wide base of literature on the Competing Values Framework including textbooks, management guides, and training manuals. Robert Quinn's book Becoming a Master Manager is already in it's 5th edition and is used extensively in top MBA programs.
Gap Analysis
Test yourself, your team, and your organization to identify skill gaps that need to be filled, then use the test to identify candidates to fill those gaps.

Take the Test

You can take the Octogram test directly to learn more about your own work style and what kinds of work would be ideal for you. If Online Talent Manager is validating a new test, you can take both the Octogram and the validation test and get the Octogram results for free!

  • HTML Report
  • Explanation of scores
  • Research option 45+ minutes
  • PDF Report
  • Explanation of scores
  • Just the Octogram 13 minutes